The Ministry of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is proud to announce the winners of the Ministry Awards! To honor the winners, the Wise Leader delivered a speech at the annual Awardee Luncheon. The Wise Leader highly appreciated the work of the Ministry. According to the WiseLeader, "When the number of Nominees equals the number of Awardees, we all can rest assured that the shortlisting has been conducted with all due attention and accuracy! And you can't open the wrong envelope as well!"

Now it's time to see where the Oscars have gone to!

Best Picture
Best Director
A State-installed Landlord in a totalitarian State spies on tenants, peeps, eavesdrops and profiles! He must report on anyone capable of plotting subversion against the State. He MUST! But WILL he?
Yes, that is correct! It doesn't matter what your gender or the color of your skin is; it doesn't matter where you are from. What matters is the choices that you make and the consequences that you face!
Best Actor
Best Actress
For tremendous efforts in maintaining public order that could not be undARRESTimated.
For standing up against everyday sexism and fighting for women's rights, for equality and for diversity!
Best Foreign Language Film
Best Sound
Even outside our great State there are few talented people who can make true gems!
This is music to every loyal citizen's ear and a nightmare for any enemy of the State!
Best Visual Effects
Special Achievement Ministry Award
Why bother describing visuals with words?! Click "PLAY" and see for yourselves!
He is cute, he is loyal, and he can make the shortest speech ever!
The Wise Leader highly appreciates the assistance of Blitz, EnterElysium, Generikb, MetalCanyon, SSundee, ViteC, WeaselZone, Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon, who helped us in preparing the promotional materials, and announces the upcoming release of the Oscar 2019 Winner – Beholder 2! The New Best Movie will appear on your screens in Sometimeber 2018. Subscribe to the Ministry Bulletin, and you will not miss it!